Ravening Wolves - Worth the Wait!

Dee Wilbur
Ravening Wolves


It's finally here! Ravening Wolves is now available  on Amazon. Find out what happened. Did Dean really killed Betts? What happened to the kids? Was Jon able to get Dean off?

How about them Mustangs? Did the Mighty Lamar Mustangs win the Class AAAA State Football Championship? Did Jon get “Coyote” cleared of the rape charges? But the real question is how did he do it, and what role did Daphne play?

The paper back is now on Amazon for $14.99 plus tax here.  Ravening Wolves will be available on your Kindle in 4 to 6 weeks.

After you’ve read the book, please give us some feedback. Did our “twists” catch you by surprise, or had you already figured them out? Be honest. Tell us when and how you figured it out at DeeWilbur@DeeWilbur.com or on our Facebook page.



The Future

What's Dee Wilbur going to do next? We're going taking a trip to the Mississippi Gulf coast with The Trinity Bay Trilogy. In volume one, Kitten's Play, we meet Kat a workaholic career woman brought to Mississippi when her grandfather is murdered aboard his yacht. She and A.J., the owner of the marina and just about everything else in Trinity, spend their time hunting down the murderer while figuring out if the heat they feel is the Mississippi humidity or a hot mutual attraction.

In Volume two, Pelican's Prey, A.J.'s sister and her kids move to Trinity Bay to escape the interference of her dead husband's mother. When her adopted son Jack discovers the body of a murdered woman while skipping school, they become involved with Deputy Sheriff Jim Clayton. They soon discover that they have a serial killer in their community, and A.J.'s sister, who doesn't need another man in her life, falls for Deputy Jim.

In Volume three, Menage a Trey, Trey, Kat's brother, who works undercover for the DEA in Belize, falls for Jessica Fox, and we meet the two Fox families. The plot thickens as we unravel the interconnections of all the stories.

There's romantic love, sex, a drug cartel, and serial killers all rolled up in a tightly knit three volume series.

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