A Jealous God

The Plant Warning Sign

In Dee Wilbur's provocative thriller, A Jealous God, two lawyers search for clues to infant deformities and find a searing mystery which makes them question everything they ever thought they knew about free will.

In the Second Commandment, God promises to repay the children for the sins of the father.  When one generation sins, does a jealous God really demand that subsequent generations pay for the crimes? How much of our lives is really under our control? When Emma, an attorney, discovers her unborn child is deformed, she goes on the attack, tracking down other mothers with similar tragedies. She suspects a local chemical plant is responsible for leaking toxins, but will the plant's lawyer, Jon, help her—especially when the plant is his only major client and his ticket to marrying Sandy, the woman he loves? The truth these two lawyers discover is far more sinister than anything they could conceive.

Wilbur writes with page-turning intensity, keeping the reader guessing until the last shocking scenes. Seamlessly meshing together the details of modern fertility technology with the intricacies of small-town Texas relationships, A Jealous God asks whether we have the power to right the wrongs of those who came before us.