Justice Perverted

The Law Office
A Small Town Law Office

Jon Miller, the country lawyer, has his office conference interrupted by a frantic call from Sandy, his New Orleans lady love. Her father is dying. Jon leaves his client to rush to her side. After the funeral she agrees to marry him, and they move to Richmond and marry.

After sharing a romantic Sunday afternoon picnic at the Albert Historical Park, Jon and Sandy see an object dropped into a field from a low flying airplane. They drive to the field, but cannot determine what has been dropped.

Diego, the lawyer who share office space with Jon, successfully wins a judgment against Avery Jacobs. In a fit of temper at the announcement of the judgment, Jacobs hurls violent racial epithets against Diego. He later calls and apologizes. Later in a re-enactment of the Jaybird-Woodpecker Feud at the Albert Historical Ranch, Diego kills Jacobs using his muzzle loading rifle.

Dwight Hawkins, a local rice farmer, calls Jon to tell him of what he had seen at the Albert ranch and of the two men who chased him afterward. Dwight has a terrible wreck on the way to Jon's office and is killed. Jon and Sandy view the wreck scene, and Jon believes Dwight was murdered.

Ralph Novosad awakens Jon from a deep sleep. Jim, Ralph's son, has been arrested for marijuana possession. Jon agrees to represent Jim, who proclaims his innocence.

Dan Bartlett, the assistant district attorney, meets Daphne, Jon's secretary, at a surprise birthday party for Jon, and they quickly become a romantic item.

After a thorough investigation, Jon is able to tie together the murder of Avery Jacobs, Dwight Hawkins automobile death, and Jim Novosad's drug arrest to bring about amazing results.