Dee Wilbur in the Media

The Houston Chronicle

Authors show readers where some scenes take place in Fort Bend
By B.J. Pollock, Chronicle Correspondent
Dec. 8, 2010, 11:22AM

A magical mystery tour of sorts may not be the only way to get to meet Dee Pipes and Charlie Yates, but it's probably the most fun-filled.

The authors decided to take their mystery series of locally based books a step further and offer treks to the locations described in them.

Named for the main characters, Jon Miller and Sandy O'Rourke Miller, the journey consists of very real sites in and around Richmond, where the stories are based.

Visitors see the the deserted oil camp of Thompsons, St. John's United Methodist Church where Sandy and Jon were married, the George Ranch Historical Park and many other locations from the authors' first book, A Jealous God, said Yates.

Also on the tour are the George Memorial Library and the historic courthouse.

Each person is required to have purchased and read each of the authors' books beforehand so they'll have an appreciation for the sites visited on the tour.

A Jealous God was followed by Justice Perverted, with A Foolish Plucking due out in March.

Pipes said the first book was published through Book Surge, which she described as "Amazon's publishing arm."

The second was published by Comfort, which is also set to print the third.

"Our first book is a cozy mystery, meaning no one is murdered in it," Pipes said.

Pipes and Yates combined their middle names, creating the persona Dee Wilbur to serve as their pen name. They met several years ago when they and their spouses had adjoining seats at Rice basketball games.

The couples became fast friends and ate dinner together a few times a year. It was at one of those meals that Pipes asked Yates what he planned to do upon retiring after 30 years as a radiologist.

When his answer included the possibility of writing a book, Pipes was intrigued.

"The next week, I got an e-mail from Dee and she said, 'I have decided I am the one to help you write your book.' It's just easier to do things that Dee tells you to do than to not do them," Yates said.

The pair has had several book signings and readings and has spoken to numerous churches and organizations.

"You've really got to have a hook," said Yates, which is how the tours and their Web site,, came in.

Having lived in Fort Bend County all his life, he's intimately familiar with the sites and sounds of the community.

Pipes hails from Liberty, and she said it's their small-town backgrounds that is "among the key things that Charlie and I have in common."